Batman: The cult

, 1988

The story follows the machinations of Deacon Blackfire and his band of homeless followers who have kidnapped Batman before the events of this story. Following a lengthy period of captivity Batman slowly succumbs to brainwashing. Batman is eventually freed from the cult but takes a long time to recover from his treatment at their hands. The story also delves into other territory. Gotham City politicians are assassinated by Blackfire's party of followers. An attempt on Commissioner Gordon's life is tried by Blackfire's group, leaving the commissioner in a hospital. Beyond Gotham authorities to protect the city, the National Guard is called in, then the Military and Martial Law is declared on Gotham. The series also features the second Robin, Jason Todd.

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04/08/2015 – 22:00

#cómic_leído y no me ha gustado nada: Batman es un pusilánime; las páginas dedicadas a las noticias de TV son repetitivas, aburridas y vacías; y, para colmo de males, el final de la historia es repentino y falto de interés.

Un tiiiimo!!! (que dirían los de campamento krypton)